PM pays visit to hi-tech agricultural projects in Nghe An

( -  On July 23, Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh and Party, Goverment and Provincial officials visited several projects of TH Group in Nghia Dan district.
PM Pham Minh Chinh talks with labourers working for TH Group's hi-tech agricultural projects in Nghia Dan District. Photo: Thanh Duy ảnh 1

PM Pham Minh Chinh talks with labourers working for TH Group's hi-tech agricultural projects in Nghia Dan District. Photo: Thanh Duy

TH Group has invested in more than 20 projects in Nghe An, mostly in the agricultural sector. These projects have been changing the western region of Nghe An for the better, with typical methods of applying high technology, forming a chain of projects from production, processing to consumption market following the model of circular economy; promoting the green agricultural economy in Nghia Dan district in particular and Nghe An province in general. In addition, the projects have created many jobs and improved the lives of local workers, contributed to the provincial budget revenue, the transformation of the local socio-economic structure, and at the same time, served as a premise for attracting many other projects to invest in the province.

Visiting the high-tech applied field of TH Group, after being informed about the production process, PM Pham Minh Chinh emphasized: For agriculture to gain high efficiency, it is necessary to have enterprises, science and technology, seeds and breeds, and vast fields. Furthermore, attention should be paid to the combination between farmers and businesses, businesses and scientists, businesses - farmers and markets, cultivation and livestock, small scale into large scale production.

Expressing his delight at the fact that the lives of local households have prospered, Prime Minister concluded that this is the result of the 35-year Doi Moi, taking 3 main pillars: Eliminate bureaucratic subsidies, multi-sector economy, integration; with the foundation of building a socialist democracy to maximize collective wisdom, great national unity, combining national strength with the strength of the times, building a socialist rule of law state and socialist-oriented market economy.

The Prime Minister emphasized that the market economy must comply with the law of supply - demand and competition, along with social security, without sacrificing social security and the environment for economic growth.

Throughout that process, people must be the center, the subject, the goal, the resource and the driving force of development.

PM and his delegation visit TH Group's hi-tech dairy farm in Nghia Dan District. Photo: Thanh Duy ảnh 2

PM and his delegation visit TH Group's hi-tech dairy farm in Nghia Dan District. Photo: Thanh Duy

Then, the Prime Minister visited a cluster of concentrated dairy farms and worked with TH Group. The Prime Minister praised the achievements and contributions of TH Group in recent years.

Recognizing the growth, maturity, role and mission for the the country of businesses, including TH Group, the Prime Minister affirmed the role and position of the private sector in Vietnam’s economy.

The Prime Minister requested ministries, localities and businesses to strictly implement the Party's policy on the private economy; continue to specify and institutionalize the Party's policy and the State's laws so that the private economy continues to become an important driving force of the national economy.

Along with that, they need to maximize the intelligence and capacity of Vietnamese people in private enterprises and other individual economic sectors; building a healthy, transparent, civilized, professional and equal culture in the private economy; promote public - private cooperation, mobilizing all resources for the development of the country; attracting private resources for science and technology innovation, digital transformation, applying the achievements of industrial revolution 4.0 to management, production, business, distribution, market expansion... Enterprises also need continue to pay attention to the development of green economy, circular economy, knowledge economy; participate in combating climate change, developing green energy, contributing to environmental protection.

In addition to the general development orientation, the Prime Minister suggested that businesses strictly follow the guidelines and policies of the Party and State, and do business in accordance with the law. Enterprises must boldly dare to think, dare to do, for the common benefits, and at the same time contribute to the fight against corruption and negative phenomena.

The Prime Minister hoped that TH Group would continue to promote its achievements, contribute to build Nghe An and many other difficult localities. The Group needs to continue to make efforts so that the spiritual and material life of officials and employees goes up with the growth and development of the corporation.

On this occasion, the delegation presented 1 billion VND to support the construction of houses of gratitude for 20 families of war invalids and martyrs and 1.5 billion VND to support the construction of cultural houses for 30 mountainous communes of Phu Quy.

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