Sen Village Festival 2023 ends with a special art program

( - On the evening of May 19th, a special art program marking the closing of the Sen Village Festival 2023 took place at Ho Chi Minh Square in Vinh City, Nghe An. The theme of the program was "From Sen Village to Ho Chi Minh City", jointly organized by Nghe An and Ho Chi Minh City.
The special art program marks the closing of the Sen Village Festival 2023. Photo: Thanh Duy ảnh 1

The special art program marks the closing of the Sen Village Festival 2023. Photo: Thanh Duy

The art program consisted of three parts: "Coming to Sen Village Festival in May", "Southern region is in President Ho Chi Minh’s heart forever," and "Rising Vietnamese lotus petals”, with the participation of many famous artists and thousands of professional and non-professional actors. The program portraying the image of the outstanding Vietnamese, who left the Sen Village until the reunion day of the country and Vietnam in the context of integration and successfully closed this year’s Sen Village Festival, which was marked by various innovative elements.

The Sen Village Festival 2023 took place from May 12th to May 19th with various vibrant and meaningful activities concentrated in Vinh city, Nam Dan district and Cua Lo town. The opening ceremony on the evening of May 12th was truly a beautiful tribute, honoring "the Sen Village Mother”, who gave birth to a talented leader for the Vietnamese nation, who dedicated his entire life to the independence and freedom of the homeland, as well as the happiness of the people.

The Sen Village Festival 2023 featured a series of meaningful activities that focused on the historical and cultural significance of the village, attracting numerous researchers and visitors.

With over 200 photos and materials on display, the specialized exhibition "Ho Chi Minh - Portrait of a Person" at Ho Chi Minh Square depicted the portrait, life, career and personality of Ho Chi Minh.

The audiences are eager to watch the performance. Photo: Thanh Duy ảnh 2

The audiences are eager to watch the performance. Photo: Thanh Duy

Thereby, we introduce to our international friends the image of a great leader who was dedicated, selfless, persistent and unwavering in the revolutionary cause of the nation. He possessed a rich sense of compassion, integrity and simplicity in his everyday life. His noble character serves as a shining example for the people of Vietnam to learn from, so that each person, upon returning to their common homeland, will have a deeper understanding and pride in the revolutionary path and cultural personality of Ho Chi Minh.

The Sen Village Singing Festival in 2023 featured 21 grassroots artistic teams, with the participation of over 600 artisans, actors, and musicians from various districts, city, and towns across the province.

With the theme "The Words of Ho Chi Minh, the Words of the Country," the performances in the festival focus on praising President Ho Chi Minh and the Sen Village Festival, praising the Party, homeland, and country, as well as the renewal process. They also celebrate the unity of ethnic groups, the cultural life, labor, and production linked to the movement "The whole people unite to build cultural life, build new rural areas."

Through the Sen Village Singing Festivals that were held at all levels, the cultural and artistic movements as well as the artistic creativity have been continuously nurtured and strongly developed. It also contributes to preserving and promoting both tangible and intangible cultural values, enhancing the spiritual life of the people, and continuing to work towards the goal of building a culture with a strong and authentic national identity.

The highlight of the Sen Village Festival 2023 is the collaboration between Nghe An and its neighboring provinces. For instance, there is a collaboration with Thanh Hoa province to showcase "The Cultural Space of Thanh Hoa Province in the Homeland of Uncle Ho”. There is also a collaboration with Ho Chi Minh City to organize the largest-scale art performance to date, titled "From Sen Village to Ho Chi Minh City” during the closing ceremony on May 19th.

In addition to traditional cultural and sports activities, the Sen Village Festival 2023 has been developed in the direction of a cultural and tourism festival. Visitors can immerse themselves in the street atmosphere of the "Homeland in Blooming season of Lotus flowers", which was held for the first time, with the participation of over 600 amateur actors from districts, city and towns within the province and Thanh Hoa province.

With the three parts "Sparkling soul of Nghe homeland”, "Convergence of lotus fragrance” and "Cultural colors”, the street festival showcased a variety of traditional art performances. People had the opportunity to enjoy performances such as tuong (classical drama), vi, giam folk singing, and folk songs from ethnic minorities of Nghe An province. They also experienced unique cultural activities, including the Hmong khen (its traditional musical instrument) dance, the Xang Khan ceremony of the Thai ethnic group, the New Year's thunder ritual of the O Du people, and the Xuan Pha folk play from Thanh Hoa province, etc.

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