"Student of Five Good Characters” and "January’s Star" awarded to excellent individuals

( - On January 7 morning, Nghe An’s Youth Union and Union of Students celebrated the 73rd anniversary of the traditional day of the Vietnam Union of Students (January 9, 1950 - January 9, 2023), honored the title of "Student of Five Good Characters” and awarded the "January’s Star".
"Student of Five Good Characters” and "January’s Star" awarded to excellent individuals ảnh 1

48 students are honored with the title "Student of Five Good Characters" and 41 youth union, student union cadres are awarded "January's Star". Photo: Thanh Quynh

In his opening remarks, Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Youth Union Tran Linh said that over the past 73 years, under the direction of the Communist Party of Vietnam, the student movement and the organization of Vietnam’s Union of Students have matured over time, with many remarkable achievements.

The students’ movements and their meaningful works have contributed to the economic, cultural and social development of the province. At the same time, they have created an environment for students to practice and promote their knowledge right from the time they are still in classrooms.

2022 is the year of important political events of the youth of Nghe An province and the youth of the whole country such as the youth union’s congress at all levels, the 18th Congress of Nghe An’s Ho Chi Minh Youth Union and the 12th National Youth Union Congress. Towards those events, the youth in Ho Chi Minh’s homeland have tried to do many good deeds.

In the past academic year, many students have achieved excellent results in contests, national exams, creativity, scientific research. Many students strive to overcome difficulties in learning and life, becoming shining examples, showing the spirit and energy of youth.

In recognition of the achievements, the Secretariat of the Provincial Union of Students decided to award the title of "Student of Five Good Characters” to 48 students and awarded the provincial "January’s Star" to 41 cadres of the youth and student unions. They are beautiful stories, representing a year of striving and comprehensive training to achieve the criteria including good ethics, good study, good physical strength, good volunteering, good integration, as well as becoming excellent union cadres of Nghe An province.

The ceremony serves as the motivation for students to promote the tradition of studiousness, try hard to "Study and Follow President Ho Chi Minh’s ideology, morality and lifestyle , together devote their talents, wisdom and enthusiasm for the development of the country in general and Nghe An province in particular.

At the event, the Provincial Association of Young Entrepreneurs also gave 10 gifts to disadvantaged students who rose to study well.

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